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Sofy Night Comfort, 18 Pad
Sofy Night Comfort, 18 Pad * 100 cotton * Does not cause allergies or vaginal infections * Full back protection to prevent leakage from the back * Multiple barriers to prevent leakage from all sides * Superior absorption filling for hours longer than with distinctive protection the shape: * Packed with 12 pads Length 35 cm Types of sanitary pads Everyday towels: It is monthly but small towels * Use with mild exudates, they are suitable for daily life * It is useful at the beginning and end of the menstrual cycle * Not suitable for copious menstruation * Thin fish * Monthly pads: Made of pure cotton * Suitable for profuse menstrual flow Available in different sizes and thickness *
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instructions A healthy, comfortable nightclub towel for night use with wings is the longest and widest of all to prevent leakage from the back during sleep for a comfortable sleep
Treatment For Feminine Napkin
Manufacturer SOFY
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