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Lifree Tape Extra Super Absorbency Large- 24 Pcs.
Lifree Tape Extra Super Absorbency LARGE- 24 PCS. Adult diaper properties for adhesive tape: It has a flexible, easy-to-stretch waistband that is easy to adjust to size and ensures a very high level of comfort. Superior fluid absorption and prevents leakage well to make it easier to use for longer without leaking and for greater convenience. It has flexible foot openings to fit all standing, lying down or sitting for more comfort. High and fast absorbing up to eight cups of water in a quick and unleaked way. Tips for preventing bed bugs in the elderly: How does bed dissonting happen? Bed sores occur in the elderly as a result of constant pressure between the bed and bones, resulting in reduced blood flow to the skin, as well as the result of prolonged lying down, resulting in a lack of good skin ventilation. Bed sores can be prevented at the following points: Constant change of positions is every two hours if the patient spends most of the time in bed and every 15 minutes if the patient is less mobile or disabled and uses a wheelchair. Lie down on the side at a 30 degree angle. Use special beds and mattresses to reduce the pressure on the skin. Do not place cushions under the knee as this reduces the blood circulation of the feet. Use foam or gel pillows that reduce pressure on the skin but do not avoid constant change of postures. Daily skin examination from either the patient himself or a family member and the focus in the examination on stress-prone areas. If you notice a change in skin tone such as redness, relieve the pressure of this place, clean it thoroughly and apply a cream to protect against skin softening. If there is an unpleasant smell, severe skin or heat in the affected area, see your doctor for appropriate treatment. Attention to the health nutrition of the patient because in most cases whether the patient is old or recovering, he suffers from poor appetite and unwillingness to eat so the necessary nutrition should be taken care of the patient during that period. If you have diabetes, you should provide intensive care and continuous follow-up with your attending physician.
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instructions Lifree diaper adhesive tape for the elderly is characterized by high flexibility, superior absorption and softness for the comfort of the elderly 100%. Absorb up to 8 glasses of water without leakage.
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Manufacturer LIFREE
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